5 Things to do in Nottingham This Week

Words: Lucy Manning
Sunday 11 June 2017
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Here's a load of stuff to do for the Nottingham popularse...


Ghost Lights

Alright, big shot. So you’ve seen The Exorcist, like, a bazillion times. You’ve laughed in the face of the Insidious films, and scoffed at Paranormal Activity. You’d even challenge Damien and his rottweilers to a fist fight. However, you’ve not yet put your money where your mouth is when it comes to the original Nottingham Ghost Walks. Luckily for you, the chance has come to prove your nerves of steel once and for all, with a guided ghost tour of the Nottingham Arts Theatre. Having started its life as an underground Medieval pottery before becoming a Church for the Particular Baptists in 1800 – complete with a school for poor children – the building was turned into a theatre just after WWII. Spectres of disturbed children who experienced dead harsh school punishments and Mad Archer the Mirror Man are said to roam the halls. If you reckon you’re brave enough, book a place.
Monday 12 June, 7pm, £10 a ticket, twenty places per tour, Nottingham Arts Theatre, event link


Tom Green

Since he first became famous as part of the nineties MTV Generation, Tom Green has been bossed around by Donald Trump, got married to Drew Barrymore, stood in for David Letterman, was impersonated by Eminem, survived cancer, made dozens of Hollywood films and humped a dead moose. This month, he’s quite literally on his way to a city near you to share some of that joy. That’s right, kids. Tom Green is making an appearance at the funniest venue along the canal – that’s The Glee Club, in case you don’t know – and you best warm up them stomach muscles cos we’re predicting a hell of a lot of belly laughter. Follow the link below to bag yourself a ticket. Lord knows we could all do with a bit of cheering up of late.
Tuesday 13 June, 6.45pm, £20, The Glee Club, event link


Street Art Festival

This right here is a great opportunity for all aspiring and established artists to get your art on a wall. With the submissions being anything from graffiti to illustration to graphics to sticker tagging, even yarn bombing if that’s your thing, it’s open to anyone and everyone. And after last year’s success, you don’t want to be missing out. Street art may seem out of place in a gallery, but with such a strong interest and talent with alternative art in Nottingham, it seems silly not to showcase it in one place. You can deliver your application to the gallery, and you’ll need to make sure you take a completed application form along with you. Prizes include £25 Montana, Mimm, London Camera Exchange, Bonington and Knit Nottingham vouchers.
Tuesday 13 June - Saturday 17 June, Surface Gallery, event link


The Super Quiz and Karaoke

The weekly Rescue Rooms Quiz and Karaoke has become a bit of an institution. Wednesday nights just wouldn’t be the same without dragging your mates to the Goldsmith Street venue to battle it out in teams for the chance to win a teapot of shots or free entry to Stealth VS Rescued. This week, following the success of April’s event, they’re going all out, and hosting yet another super quiz in the main venue. Ooooh. There’s a big cash jackpot to win, plus two VIP Leeds festival tickets are up for grabs. Woi oi. The post-quiz karaoke sesh is having a makeover, too, so you can live out your wildest dreams of performing main stage at Rescue Rooms as you serenade the crowd with your rendition of Uptown Girl. This is the stuff that dreams are made of. Secure your place by booking a table for you and three of your mates.
Wednesday 14 June, 7pm, £3, Rescue Rooms, event link



No, not the chance to take on your nana in the ultimate crossword puzzle quiz. It’s the Malt Cross’ latest offering to the Nottingham spoken word scene. Hurrah! Take yourselves down to the caves below the pub and nestle in to see some of the best on the local poetry scene. This week, Geneviève L Walsh is to be the featured poet of the evening. She’s a Yorkshire-born lass currently residing in the big smoke who’s been performing for the last five years. She founded Halifax’s Spoken Weird, and her debut collection The Dance of a Thousand Losers has been released on Flapjack Press. Get down from 7.30pm sharpish and sign up for the open mic, or just get comfy and have a listen.
Wednesday 14 June, 7.30pm, £2, Malt Cross, event link


For the full motherload of goings-on this week, check out our What's On section

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