5 Things to Do in Nottingham This Week

Words: Emily Thursfield
Sunday 17 September 2017
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The weekend may be over, but that's not a problem rahnd 'ere...


Talk Like A Pirate Day at Keans Head

We all love a good deal. It’s in our nature, our chemistry. A dress reduced to a tenner? Deal. Saino’s sausages reduced by 30p? Deal. Yer gotta do what yer can to save those pennies. So, we bet you’re wondering if we’re really gonna spend the day talking like pirates to get oursen a deal on a rum and coke at the Kean’s Head. Yer bleddy right we arrrgh. Never mind if we’ve never heard of International Talk Like A Pirate Day before – which apparently takes place every September 19 – if it means we get 50p off our Captain Morgan’s then we’re game. Now we hope to see all you scallywags there too, or it’ll be down the plank you go. Geddit?
Tuesday 19 September, free, Kean’s Head, event link


Funhouse Comedy Club

If you’ve turned on the news or picked up the paper lately, you’ll have seen it's all gloom and bleddy doom. Another storm; prices are inflating but wages are deflating; and we still can’t agree with anyone about Brexit. It’s about time we got a few more giggles in our lives, and a comedy show is the perfect place to do so. Headlining the show will be English Comedian of the Year 2015 finalist Patrick Draper with his deadpan jokes and visual gags, and support will come from the likes of Harry Sanders, Harvey Hawkins and Howard Anstock. It’s only a fiver, so pop along, get a tipple in hand and laugh yer socks off.
Tuesday 19 September, 7.30pm, £5, The Grovsenor, event link


Pride and Prejudice: Pay what you can performance

No matter how many good shows Netflix has to offer, nothing compares to watching a live theatre performance. But when streaming sites offer all the entertainment you could possibly need for a slice of the price of one theatre ticket, it’s no wonder people have stopped going. But the folk at Nottingham Playhouse don’t want anybody to miss out, which is why they’re hosting a special performance of Sara Pascoe’s Pride and Prejudice, costing whatever you can afford. Be that 75p or £15, you pay what you can. The box office will open on the day of the performance and tickets will be sold on a first come, first serve basis, with a maximum of two tickets per person. You privately pop yer dolla into an envelope and Bob’s your uncle. Dig out your best pearls, you’re in for one classy night, at a fraction of the price.
Wednesday 20 September, 7.45pm, pay what you can, Nottingham Playhouse, event link


Michael Eaton on Charlie Peace

Famed for multiple murders and living a life of crime, Charlie Peace was a true Notts villain from Narrow Marsh. Much like our Robin Hood, he lived a life of crime from a young age but his life soon came to a bitter end. And now, you’ve got the chance to learn all the gory details about Peace and his past. Author, Michael Eaton, will be spilling the beans on his new book, Charlie Peace: His Amazing Life and Astounding Legend, and will tell yer all about how his memory has been kept alive through various nursery rhymes, cartoon strips and even Eaton’s own Playhouse show.   
Wednesday 20 September, 7pm, free, Five Leaves Bookshop, event link


70 Years On

International affairs journalist and broadcaster, Bidisha, will be dropping by the New Art Exchange to discuss women during the war time. The talk will focus on experiences of those who were displaced when their men were called away and they were left alone to manage families, and those who were “intermarried.” While it doesn’t take much to see how our country has changed since the war, Bidisha will be raising the question of whether the position of women has shifted globally in our postcolonial age, and what life is like for diaspora communities living in the UK today. An intellectually stimulating topic which will no doubt include some inspiring stories from our ancestors.
Thursday 21 September, 6.30pm, free, New Art Exchange, event link

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