9 Places to Do a Last Minute Christmas Shopping Dash in Nottingham

Words: Emily Thursfield
Saturday 23 December 2017
reading time: min, words

It’s Christmas eve, eve. You’ve got nowt. You’re stressing. Just follow our advice, and remember to breathe…


Treat Kitchen
Nobody is gonna complain when presented with the poshest sweets in the land. There’s plenty of tuffies to choose from; gin and tonic ones from their gourmet section, a classic dolly mixture selection or if you’re feeling brave, some of their radioactive lemon sours. This year they’ve blessed all you last minute shoppers with a selection of Crimbo inspired gifts, like little chocolate penguins. Tidy.


It’s all about exclusivity here. Any item in Mimm can only be found in this here shop, and there ain’t many of each item either. Choose from clothes and art all created by local Nottingham designers, as well as some bits from unique brands from outside the UK, or music from Mimm’s very own record label. Proper cool stuff. Go-orrn, support out independents, an’ all that.


Great place to start for an avid music lover - and we all know a few of those. Browse all the latest releases or rummage through the racks to find an old gem from their favourite band. Just make sure they’ve still got a CD player first though, duck. They’ve also got a large selection of the latest films, TV box-sets and techy devices; plenty of stuff and bits to keep you happeh.


Rough Trade
If mainstream music ain’t the vibe of your present receiver, get ‘em a classic album on vinyl or a quirky coffee table book instead. Failing that, get them tickets to an upcoming gig where they can get up close and personal with the band. To your beloved, it appears you’ve put a lot of effort into sourcing a gift they’ll really enjoy. But actually, it’s down to the fact that Rough Trade always have a banging calendar of gigs planned.


The Cheese Shop
Give the gift of a delectable cracker topper this Christmas. Cream cracker, that is. This family run delicatessen stocks over 200 different cheeses, with an extensive range of continental and speciality ones. Tek a trip to Flying Horse Walk to meet the fellas, where they’ll probably try and flog you their favourite stinker; the blue stilton, sourced locally from Colston Bassett and Cropwell Bishop.


The Whiskey Shop
Similar premise to the cheese, apart from you’ll be gerrin’ people sloshed instead. Get a bottle of their favourite tipple engraved, grab a selection of miniatures from a brand they’ve been desperate to try, or load up a gift card for ‘em to pick their drink themsens. See, this last minute dash ain’t as hard as you first thought…


Vintage Shops
The thought of stepping into Primark in the days before Christmas is enough to give anyone a piercing headache. Avoid the crowds and crying babies and shop retro instead. With Hockley being home to Cow, Braderie, Sue Ryder, White Rose and Wild, you’re never far from a chunky knit cardi or a slogan sweatshirt for keeping warm in the winter months. Sort through the masses of Levi’s jeans and you’re sure to find a gem.


You may laugh, but hear us out. We rely on Wilko every other day of the year to provide us with whatever goods we’re in need of; shampoo, lightbulbs, cushions, pick ‘n’ mix. So why ignore it in your desperate time of need? Pop some fancy looking stationary or an extremely fluffy blanket into yer basket and your problem is instantly solved. Our love affair with Wilko ain’t going nowhere…


Space NK
It’s that shop dahn the cobbles of Pelham Street that either you’ve never stepped in before, or that fills you with dread cus of the hours your Mrs makes yer spend in there. Either way, it’s the perfect place for a prezzie for those who like to look good. Before you head out the door, have a quick search on YouTube to find what the latest must-have makeup product is that week and bam. Major brownie points will be heading your way.

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