Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Rock City, Stealth and Rescue Rooms with Bicep, Skream, Redlight and More

Words: James Kramer
Wednesday 13 December 2017
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It’s about to go off...


Things have been a bit grim this year, it’s all a bit bloody bleak and foreboding. But just because we’re looking ahead with big ole’ hopeful eyes, doesn’t mean we can’t steal a little of something that’s ripe and unctuous from the past now does it? The good folks at Stealth, Rescue Rooms and Rock City certainly think so as they cover us head to toe in end of year lashings of some of best house, techno and bassline out there.

With a current whopping nine headliners already announced (the tenth to be made known when they hit 3000 attending on the Facebook event) it's almost too much to mention. There’s PAWSA, who since 2014 has been leaking out some of perhaps the funkiest of techno, squeezed up against Redlight for your mate who keeps on telling you that garage is making a comeback (listen up, they’re not wrong). Huddersfield-raised DJ Q will be there to see in the year with some stripped down bassline, along with Korg-inspired Latmun and the retro, ever-so-manic 8-bit lunacy of Artwork, one of the nicest chaps on the scene.

Strewth, I’m running out of breath here, but there’s still Notts’ own Darkzy back from warehouses down south and Skream, with them sampled hints of gooey old-school house mixed with just enough dubstep to make your knees wobble.

Topping off the list with their awe-inspiring, kaleidoscopic soundscapes that could make any ode dystopian future seem inviting is Bicep. Recently shortlisted by Annie Mac for producing one of the hottest records of the year, Bicep are assuradly going to aid us in the forgetting all them pesky doubts and fears. This is one of the most sweat-drenched lists of the year and all nestled up neatly in three adjoining venues for just £35.50 a pop.

If that weren’t enough, there’s also five tickets up for grabs. Just head over to the Facebook event, click on “Going” and then tag the names of the four friends you’d bring along on the event wall. Then you’ll be in with a shot of a dutteh freebee. Now, crack on with the dribs and drabs of 2017, we’re going to start the next one off right.  

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