Tommy K Events Is Bringing DJ Yoda Back to Notts

Words: Caroline Barry
Thursday 11 April 2019
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 If you saw him last year you’ve probably got a ticket already and if yer didn’t, Caroline Barry explains why you’d be mad to miss out this April…


There are certain artists that are automatically ‘ticket buys’ for my group of friends.

When these names put on shows in our area, without even a text message exchanged amongst us we sort each other out because it’s a done deal; we know we are going. As news broke that DJ Yoda was heading to Nottingham, I knew immediately this was one of them.

The gig this April sees Yoda showcasing his latest collaborative album, Home Cooking, at The Brickworks in Sneinton with the folks from Skratcher Nottingham warming us up. Billed as two events packed into one spectacular evening, he will be welcoming special guests to help him perform his new material, with an intense ‘best of’ AV show playing on the spectacular screen that the venue is famed for.

His new unmissable show represents a new direction for DJ Yoda and is hailed as a more mature sound for the artist. inspired by soul, jazz and 90s hip-hop with his signature scratching added to the mix, it features collaborations with some big names such as hip hop legends, Jungle Brothers, and was recorded between his own studio and also the notorious Abbey Road.

The DJ and producer last came to the city exactly a year ago, playing an incredible show at the Nottingham Contemporary for his History of Gaming tour. His cut and paste turntablist technique was the perfect jam for nostalgic nerds like me, who like to relive their gaming glory years, but with a beer or two. He perfectly combines big beats, expert scratching and movie or gaming references into danceable mixes with entrancing AV shows in the background, and this is what DJ Yoda does best.

Local party starter,Tommy K Events, is running the night after inviting him here last April. This repeat visit to the city is enough to show how much of a success the last show was, and the treat we’re in for this month.

Tommy K Events presents DJ Yoda at The Brickworks on Saturday 27 April, from 7-11pm. 

Buy tickets.

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