From Wrestling to Climate Action Cinema: Heres Whats On in Nottingham this week 12-18 Feb 2024

Words: Freddie Stringer
Sunday 11 February 2024
reading time: min, words

Whether you crave the sarcasm of Post-Punk or the catharsis of a good old film, check out our top picks for this week in Nottingham...

Example (1)

Tuesday 13th February
Where: The Bodega
How Much: £14

If you need a fix of post-punk with a side of the electronic then look no further. For fans of genre-leading bands like Black Midi or Squid, the Liverpudlian outfit covers all-important themes ranging from car parks to British pub culture to the nuances of falling in love with robot influencers. Their unique fusion of sardonic wit and the uncanny ability to cut through all the noise and get straight to culturally relevant conclusions, is sure to get your blood pumping and your mind pondering.

Example (5)

Skitz Wizards + Eternal
When: Friday 16th February
Where: The Angel Microbrewery & The Chapel
How Much: Free

Founded in 2021 by local boys Louis Paulson and Luke Reynolds, Skitz Wizards started as an outlet for anger and frustration at social, personal and political unrest. Sharing the stage with Eternal, whose heavy sound uses only two basses and no guitar allowing for particularly high energy, cathartic performances.

Example (2)

Weathering With You
Dir. Makoto Shinkai
When: Friday 16th February
Where: Mammoth - A Climate Action Cinema
How Much: £2-10

After the critically-acclaimed ‘Your Name’, Japanese filmmaker Makoto Shinkai brings us ‘Weathering With You’, a film about a down and out high school student named Hokada who ends up writing for a magazine that shadily focuses on matters of the occult. Here he meets Hina, a mysterious woman who has the ability to clear the sky of clouds and rain at a moment's notice. 

Example (4)

House of Pain Wrestling - Bash at the Brewery!
When: Sunday 18th February
Where: The Old Cold Store
How Much: £5.50

If you need something a little bit different from your usual courses of entertainment, House of Pain is a wrestling academy that runs professional shows every month. This month’s Bash at the Brewery promises to provide you with high-level wrestling entertainment for all the family as well as serving all your alcoholic needs due to its location at The Old Cold Store.

Example (3)

It Happened One Night - 90th Anniversary
Dir. Frank Capra
When: Sunday 18th February
Where: Broadway Cinema
How Much: £5-10

Legendary Italian-American Film Director Frank Capra, principally of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ fame earlier in his career crafted an equally beautiful flick detailing the meeting of a renegade reporter and a crazy young heiress on a bus heading for New York City. Subsequently, the bus leaves them behind at one of the stops and they are stranded in a place where comedy and romance ensue. The first film to win all five major Academy Awards, it’s surely not one to miss.

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